Catherine Osler

Catherine Osler (26 February 1854 – 16 December 1924) was a social reformer and suffragist. Her Unitarian parents were founder-members in 1868 of the Birmingham Women’s Suffrage Society. Catherine became a Treasurer then Secretary from 1885 and finally President from 1903. She was also the founder of the Birmingham Women’s Debating Society in 1881 and was a member of the National Union of Women Workers from the 1890s. She shared the same Liberal politics as her glass manufacturer husband, Alfred Osler and was president of the Birmingham Women’s Liberal Association, but resigned her presidency in 1909 to protest the Liberal policy of force-feeding hunger-striking suffragette prisoners. Writings include the pamphlet Why Women Need the Vote in 1910 and A Book of the Home in 1911.

A portrait of Osler in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery can be seen on the ArtUK website.

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