Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson

0409 NPG 164 Alexander Thomson

Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson (9 April 1817 – 22 March 1875) was a Scottish architect. Employed as a draughtsman in the Glasgow office of John Baird, he married into the Baird family and set up with John Baird II in 1848, then with his younger brother George in 1857. By the mid-1850s he had developed his characteristic Greek style. Amongst villas he designed was Holmwood House in Cathcart, where Thomson also designed the interior and furnishings. He designed many commercial properties in Glasgow, including Grecian Buildings in Sauchiehall Street (1867-8) and three great churches, including the Queen’s Park Church (1868-9), destroyed during the war. He became president for both Glasgow Architectural Society and Glasgow Institute of Architects.

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