James Parkinson

James Parkinson (11 April 1755 – 21 December 1824) was a surgeon and palaeontologist. He followed his father’s career training at the London Hospital, obtaining the diploma of the Company of Surgeons in 1784 and ran a successful medical practice in Hoxton, London as well as an apothecary. In 1817 he published An Essay on the Shaking Palsy identifying the disease associated with his name in 1876, long after his death. Parkinson’s interest in geology and palaeontology saw him publish in 1804 Organic Remains of a Former World, The Fossil Zoophytes in 1808 and Fossil Starfish, Shells, Insects and Mammalia in 1811 and he was a founder member of the Geological Society in 1807. He was also an advocate of radical politics, publishing pamphlets under a pseudonym ‘Old Hubert’.

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