Oliver Postgate

Oliver Postgate (12 April 1925 – 8 December 2008) was a children’s writer and producer. A varied arts education was followed by work as a stage manager in children’s television where he developed Alexander the Mouse in 1958 for ITV with friend Peter Firmin. They set up Smallfilms and launched many successful children’s programmes, with Postgate coming up with ideas, writing scripts, directing and narrating, and Firmin designing the sets and drawn or puppet characters. Highlights include Ivor the Engine, the Welsh steam train for ITV, The Saga of Noggin the Nog, a Norse legend, for the BBC, the tree root family in Pogles’ Wood, The Clangers with pink knitted mice living on the moon with the Soup Dragon from 1969 to 1974 and Bagpuss a pink and white striped ‘saggy, old, cloth cat’ in 1974.

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