Kit Calvert

0426 NPG 177 Kit Calvert

Kit Calvert (26 April 1903 – 4 January 1984) was a businessman and philanthropist. Born in Wensleydale in Yorkshire, he and his brother kept cattle and sheep in the dales. He is considered the saviour of Wensleydale. When told by the newly founded Milk Marketing Board during the Depression in 1935 that milk would no longer to be used in local cheesemaking he organised the local dalesmen at a Hawes Town Hall meeting, forming a company with him as managing manager. Calvert then successfully turned around Wensleydale cheese production, introducing a 1lb ‘baby Wensleydale’ for a weekly family purchase, and 50,000 of these were bought in the first year, increasing to 250,000 by the 1960s.

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