Dame Anne McLaren

Dame Anne McLaren (26 April 1927 – 7 July 2017) was a geneticist. After obtaining a first class Zoology degree at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford in 1949 and her DPhil for research on viruses in mice, she worked with husband Donald Michie at University College, London at University College, London before moving to the Royal Veterinary College in 1955 where she focussed on reproductivity in mice, developing embryos in tissue culture crucial for the future development of in vitro fertilisation. She continued her research from 1959 to 1974 at the Institute of Animal Genetics in Edinburgh before becoming Director of the Medical Research Council’s Mammalian Development Unit in London to 1992. McLaren wrote Mammalian Chimaeras in 1978 and Germ Cells and Soma in 1980.

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