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I set up great-british to add one more voice to the millions of us who are passionate about those individuals who have contributed and are still contributing to the wonderful history of the British Isles, and wish to share these passions with others.

I have worked for nearly thirty years with our history makers in my role at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Here I lead teams making all of the Gallery’s vast collections of portraits available digitally to the public, both online and on site.

Over a decade ago I co-edited a book called the Complete Illustrated Catalogue of the National Portrait Gallery, London. It contains over 10,000 different portraits of our history makers, and covers the Gallery’s paintings, sculpture and drawings for the most part. However, there are always many other individuals I would like to see celebrated. For this reason I am providing a very brief spotlight on British women and men not yet represented in our national collection of portraits. Each post is on that person’s birth date.

Additionally each day the site presents around 10 British individuals born on this day.

I’ve just published Knocking at the Gates – my first volume of 100 Great British women who deserve greater recognition. I’m mid-way through a follow-up volume, which should be ready by the end of 2017. Inbetween time three volumes of Missing Pieces, 100 Great Britons, men and women will follow during the course of 2017.

David Saywell

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